What Does Stewart Bradley Do at Elle All Day?


We caught up with Kate Lanphear from Elle after the DKNY show this afternoon and had to ask what her magazine's new football player intern, Stewart Bradley, does all day. "A little bit of everything," she told us. "A lot of grunt work. He's a great sport, though." We pressed for specifics: Coffee fetching? Dry-cleaning pickups? Stylista damage control? "I mean, what does your intern do?" she countered. Uh, make seed-free strawberry smoothies in the kitchen, obvs. "He assists on photo shoots. He came on a shoot and helped me unpack jewelry," she continued. So he's not getting the Sean Avery treatment, sitting in on staff meetings and flying across the country for special projects? "He wants to learn about an industry he doesn't know a lot about." Before we could ask if he does this learning shirtless, she was off to her next show.