Does It Matter If Lady Gaga’s Bubble Dress Is a Hussein Chalayan Knockoff?


Lady Gaga wears this bubble dress on her current Fame Ball tour. The New York Times' Moment blog noticed that it's almost identical to a Hussein Chalayan dress from his spring 2007 runway show. This upsets them:

Even if she admits that the Chalayan dress is what she’s “recreating,” that doesn’t negate my point. Why should she get away with “recreating” such a recent look? I love the fact that a mainstream artist is aware of these avant-garde designers, but it’s a disservice to both her and the designers to do a loving-hands-at-home version. That would be like Chalayan or Margiela “recreating” one of her songs, titling it “Jokerface” and scoring a hit single.

If that happened, it would be awesome. And yes, though designers copy each other all the time, it's perhaps slightly unfortunate that Chalayan is missing out on the publicity he might have received if Lady Gaga just wore the original. But we can't expect her to go for the original when it covers the crotch area, whereas hers does not. But still, why fixate on the negative? For once we're talking about what she is wearing (bubbles) instead of what she's not (bottoms). Her style is evolving (maybe), and blessed are we who witness it.

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