Dsquared2 Made Special Safety Precautions for Britney


When Dsquared2 set out to dress Britney for her Circus tour, their aim wasn't only to give the wardrobe a sadomasochistic twist. They had to ensure seamless sartorial transitions from traditional circus ring to sex-slave circle to leather-clad wrestling match. They also had to ensure that the clothes were safe. Designers Dean and Dan Caten tell the Moment:

You have to remember, we’re doing costumes for the stage — there’s a lot of limitations of exactly what the performers can do. Sadly, ideas do get chopped because they are too difficult. You have to keep in mind that they have to move and they have to do stuff. Especially with the more extreme stuff, you have to consider a safety element and a functional element — everyone has to see properly, for example. They could fall and they could hurt themselves, and no one wants that. You have to think a bit about everybody’s needs.

Suddenly we have new respect for the spiky corsets Rihanna wears. Yet all this begs the question: Why are models on the runway not given the same consideration as pop performers, but instead are increasingly stuffed into clothes and shoes they can't even walk in, then thrust into the spotlight like it's some sort of sport? The whole world might not know their names or care what they ordered at Starbucks on Tuesday, but it's a long way down, and they are fragile creatures.

The Three-Ring Circus | Dsquared on Britney [Moment/NYT]
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