Karl Lagerfeld Entourage Update: Brad’s Out, Baptiste Is In!


News flash: Brad Kroenig has exited the entourage of Karl Lagerfeld. Brad had been one with Karl's shadow for years, stepping out only when Karl wanted to shine the spotlight on him, which sometimes involved wrapping him in nothing but a scrap of fur for a photo shoot in the French countryside (if you don't know what we're talking about, go buy the Lagerfeld Confidential documentary now). Karl put out a whole book of photographs of Brad and even took him to Vermont with him. But it seems Brad has moved on, and Karl has taken a new nubile young fellow under his wing. His name is Baptiste Giabiconi and he's represented by DNA. Karl shot Baptiste for this month's French Vogue, as you see above.

Harriet Mays Powell met Baptiste when she was in France hanging out with Karl in the Chanel showroom. He's a sweet fellow and comes from the South of France. "He looks like me — well, maybe a better-looking version of me from a long time ago," Karl told her. (Meanwhile, Amy Odell was in New York staring at her fabulous computer and IMing the same people she always IMs.) Baptiste is already racking up fans on the Fashion Spot. "I feel he's more appealing than Brad K," one writes. He appears in spring campaigns for Fendi, Armani Jeans, and Chanel (which means he and Brad might have hung out at the shoot in Vermont together — scandalous). More photos of Baptiste after the jump.