Kobe Bryant Endorsing $285,000 Sports Watch


Nubeo is a high-end watch brand known for its jellyfish-inspired timepieces. They're teaming with Kobe Bryant for a new line of limited-edition high-tech sports watches, ranging in price from $21,000 to around $285,000, some of which are adorned with sapphires. The line will hit stores this fall — when we'll probably all be just as broke as we are now — and marks the company's U.S. debut. But can Kobe sell it? Most Americans have probably forgotten about that time in 2003 that he was accused of rape, and, though the charges were dismissed, lost endorsement deals with Nike, McDonald's and Coca-Cola. Nike and Coca-Cola have resumed endorsement deals with him, so they either believe in him or have no faith in our nation's collective memory. But the next question is: Who would buy it? Who would be shameless enough in These Times to spend the price of a house on a sapphire-encrusted watch meant to be worn to the gym, of all places? Those AIG nitwits for sure. Also, P. Diddy.

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