London and Milan Makeup Artists Can Color inside the Lines


While colorful makeup electrified the New York runways, beauty was decidedly darker across the pond. Instead of a full rainbow palette, makeup artists in London and Milan used color sparingly and strategically. Makeup was dark or non-existent — black lips, smoky eyes, and severe bronzer. Hairstyles were basic — either down, in braids, gelled back, messy, or with rolled bangs. Then there were the anti-beauty, alien-inspired ladies: yellow eyeliner at Todd Lynn, red eyelids at Prada, and actual zombies at Ann-Sofie Back. But runways didn't miss out on the color wheel entirely. The biggest pop of color landed on the lips, like flamingo pink at Nathan Jenden, tangerine orange at Richard Nicoll, and cherry red at Salvatore Ferragamo. So if you want to take a cue from the Brits and Italians, go ahead. Just make sure to keep your colors in check.