Pinup-girl Style Makes a Comeback This Spring


Yes, we trudged to work in a freakish snowstorm this morning. (And on a Friday, really?) Luckily, spring has officially arrived in the retail world, allowing us to fantasize about the day we swap our Wellies for sandals (and retire the Snuggie for good). Along with the influx of breezy dresses and jumpers in stores, we've been spotting the arrival of a warm-weather essential both anticipated and dreaded: the bathing suit. But despite what's strutting down the runway in São Paulo, the trend this spring isn't squint-and-you'll-miss-it bikinis, for once. Designers like Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Dolce & Gabbana all flaunted retro, pinup-girl-inspired swimwear: high-waisted bikinis, demure one-pieces, and skirted silhouettes. Click ahead to view more modern-day pinup styles in stores.