The Coco Avant Chanel Trailer Is Finally Out and Giving Us Chills

"Makes me want to SCREAM."

After months of hype, the trailer of the biopic about Coco Chanel's early years, Coco Avant Chanel, has finally arrived. The preview is all in French with no subtitles since the film opens in France on April 22, before its U.S. debut, but that is no reason not to watch. We've retained, well, practically none of the French we learned in college, but from this trailer we can deduce that the film includes love, sex, wild parties, fighting, spectacular cinematography, and lovely costumes — oh the costumes! — which Karl Lagerfeld oversaw. If you, like us, are suckers for heroine-driven period pieces with sweeping shots of giant lone mansions and men galloping through vast meadows on horses to claim their true loves (hello Pride & Prejudice A&E mini-series), you're in for a treat.

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