The New House of Style Was Just As Bad As It Sounded

Stam shopping in her closet!

We confess, we missed the big Saturday premiere of MTV's new House of Style, hosted by Bar Refaeli. But we knew the show included segments on jelly shoes and friendship bracelets, and we had naps to take and cocktails to drink. (Besides, if we had spent more time in front of the tube we would have been feeding our new, inexplicable Millionaire Matchmaker addiction.) We watched some clips of the new House on the Internet today and it is mostly just awkward and boring. For one, Bar Refaeli isn't the greatest at reading her cue cards. Maybe it's because English is her second language, but it's still distracting. Jezebel has a clip of Jessica Stam showing us how to shop in our closets. Her revelatory ideas include wearing a white T-shirt with a skirt and heels and trading your $1,500 handbags with your friends at some sort of bag-swap party. Because who doesn't have $1,500 bags lying around that they're just so sick of using? You can watch the clip of Justin Timberlake behind the scenes at his William Rast show with Bar here. We're not posting it because it was that boring. But we like the Millionaire Matchmaker, so maybe it's just us.

House Of Style Returns; So Do Jelly Shoes [Jezebel]