Tim Geithner Hideous-Tie Watch, Round Two


About a month ago, the Obamas had Stevie Wonder over to the White House to perform, an event so special it prompted the president to break from his streak of red-and-blue neckwear for a tie in gleaming silver. The fashion risk-taker inside of him was emerging, just as the experts predicted! That silver tie paved the way for the finely patterned tie Barack wore today to tell the auto industry what it needs to do if it wants more bailout money. Classy, respectable — a good choice for a huge press conference. And then there's Tim Geithner, who wore an orange-and-lavender striped tie. Orange. And lavender. Interesting how this guy makes his boldest fashion statements at the biggest press conferences. Perhaps he's feeling emboldened now that the markets are reacting positively to him. Perhaps he's getting a jump on Easter. But then, how would we explain the bright-orange tie he wore to that huge press conference a month ago? There's only one answer: He's an attention whore.

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