We Just Shared a Moment With Allie From The City


Offices may be the least exciting places on earth, but there's one good thing about ours: It's one floor above Splashlight studios, where celebrities and models we sometimes recognize go for photo shoots. A casting is taking place today (we hear it's for either Neiman Marcus or Frédéric Fekkai), because we saw Sarah Stephens, Crystal Renn, and The City's Allie Crandell going out of the building. As fate would have it, we shared a moment with Allie when returning from a Starbucks run just now. She emerged from the building looking tanned and smiling — nay, glowing. She came right up to us, as if by magnetic force, and (gasp) asked if we knew where Starbucks was. We gave her directions and added (hopefully not in a creepy overly fan-y way) that we love her on The City. Before we could ask if she still talked to Adam and tell her women are goddesses who shouldn't put up with cheaters, she ran off. She must be busy on the casting circuit these days. Good for her!

Model Profile: Allie Crandell