The Many Hairstylings of Adam Lambert; $20 Beauty-School Treatments Increasingly Popular


American Idol contestant Adam Lambert's hair is incredibly versatile. It goes from Christian Siriano spikes to a retro Elvis slick back to a shaggy Jonas Brothers mop quite smoothly. Props? [Beauty Department/Glamour]

• More people are getting haircuts at beauty schools, like the Aveda Institute or Empire Beauty School, because their prices are cheaper than salon prices. At Aveda, cuts are $20 and facials start at $45. [NYT]

• In other recession beauty news, a recent study shows drugstore sales for cosmetics "increased by nearly 5.5 million over the same period last year." [NYT]

• Peaches Geldof showed up to a Uniqlo event last night wearing white foundation with red blush that made her look like a clown. Isn't that a little, oh, redundant? [Jezebel]

• A new product called UV Sun Sense is a wristband that tells you when to reapply sunscreen. Sounds nifty, but if you wear this, you will have a dorky tan line. [Beauty Blogger/Teen Vogue]