Alexa Chung Is Moving to New York


London obsession/TV presenter Alexa Chung is moving to New York to further her television career. Rumor is she got a gig with MTV. We wonder if MTV plans to bring back House of Style permanently and has learned models who can't read cue cards don't make the best hosts. Because surely Alexa's smart enough to not take a V.J. position for some sort of new Total Request Live-type show, illustrious and career enhancing though those are (Carson Daly can vouch for that). British people are really sad Alexa's decamping for New York. The 25-year-old former model is one of London's biggest style obsessions. Grazia reports her new pad is close to fellow Brit Agyness Deyn's in Williamsburg. She looks like she can swim with the hipsters. We're curious to see how she'll do on The Scene over here. We never understood why London was so obsessed with her, but when it comes to fashion people moving here our philosophy is the more the merrier! Anything to take some of the attention off Peaches Geldof.

Alexa's American Adventure! [Grazia]