Amber Rose Bares Her Rump in Kanye’s Louis Vuitton Sneaker Campaign


At last the day is upon us! Kanye West's ad campaign for his range of Louis Vuitton sneakers has leaked, which means we are one day closer to being able to purchase the kicks in stores. And to all of you who thought that all his girlfriend Amber Rose did was wear spandex and preen, let this teach you a lesson that she not only works, but works it. Steve Shaw shot the ads. How uncomfortable they make us feel is merely a testament to his well-honed skills. We wonder what Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs's involvement was in this. He loves the odd celebrity (e.g., Victoria Beckham, Kevin Federline), so was it his idea to stick Amber in there?

Oh yeah — the sneakers look great, too!

PICS: Kanye & Amber Rose for Louis Vuitton [Nah Right via BlackBook]
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