Arden Wohl: Look-Book Model Extraordinaire


You may know Wowch as the T-shirt line Judd Apatow allegedly ripped off in Pineapple Express. But if you didn't remember that kerfuffle you may now remember it as the company that used Arden Wohl as a look-book model. And look at her, folks. Her bone structure positively glows in the light, really does things to that painted-on headband on her forehead. And just look at her poses! Pure strength on the left, pure Michael Jackson at center. And she almost has the couture tuck-the-hips-under pose down on the right in that stunning unicorn-flying-over-the-rainbow tank top. One more glance through Vogue, and Anna Jagodzinska had better watch out.

LOOKBOOK: WOWCH [Nylon via Pipeline]