‘Backstage at Galliano’ Exhibit Is a Psychedelic Mind Trip


For the fall 2008 and spring 2009 seasons, photographer Mark Leibowitz went backstage at the John Galliano ready-to-wear fashion shows. And rather than pointing his lens solely at the clothes and the models, he shot the chaos that goes on behind the scenes. The result — a beautiful mix of colors, faces, hats, and dresses that captures the essence of a fashion show and all of its beauty and mayhem. "Cramped quarters, poor lighting, and a frantic atmosphere became my invitation to deconstruct the pandemonium, revealing elegance and grace," he tells us. "During the shows I remained still while the variety of colors and layers in these images evolved past the lens in seemingly choreographed procession." The arresting photographs will be on display at a private event later this week. And since the "Backstage at Galliano" exhibition will not be open to the public, you can click ahead to view a portion of it here.