Before and After Shots From Alter 140’s Speedy Renovation

Left: The wreckage on Tuesday; Right: 11 a.m. today.

Greenpoint womenswear boutique Alter 140 underwent a shockingly quick renovation this week, going from a rubble-filled construction site on Monday to a sleek new space this morning. Handy co-owners Roy Caires and Tommy Cole completed the overhaul themselves, knocking out the back wall (and part of the ceiling) and rebuilding a new one using salvaged wood and shutters. They also added new light fixtures and built their own clothing displays with reclaimed furniture and recycled raw materials. (See more photos of the impressive demolition earlier this week on the store's blog.) The revamp adds 240 square feet to the rear of the store and gussies up the interior so that it's more on par with Alter's original menswear outpost across the street. The dolled-up space reopened at noon today, so swing by this weekend to check it out. Seems like Topshop could have taken a few pointers from these guys ...