Jane Cosmetics Files for Bankruptcy; Beyoncé Trades Bouffant for Bangs


• Drugstore cosmetics line Jane & Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. [WWD]

• Rumor has it cosmetics brand Stila, which partnered with Barbie on a collection earlier this year, is for sale. The website is currently down, with only a note saying that orders placed on March 23 or March 24 might be canceled. [WWD]

• Beyoncé traded her bouffant for bangs. But the bouffant is so in. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• Kanye "Mullet Nub" West: "Combs have been on the scene ever since humans had hair on his head ... Man being man and not a lion would not be content to let his mane run wild and free. So he had to find some ways to tame it. First on the list of combing operations must have been the use of fingers. So in a way the fingers are the first combs of history. Today, combs are universal and no corner of the globe is without it." [Jossip via Jezebel]

• Despite low expectations, a reviewer of Halle Berry's first fragrance calls it "darned good for a celebrity fragrance, especially given the price." [Now Smell This]