Coco Rocha Feels Awkward Doing Red-carpet Reporting, Loves Her Red Hair


Model Coco Rocha enjoyed her E! reporting gig during Fashion Week, except for how she had to be pushy and intrusive and ambush people on red carpets (you know, kind of like we did to ask her about it). “For me to run up to people who have like, eight bodyguards was not my scene,” the model told us at the New Yorkers for Children spring dance last night. “I like to push my envelope a lot, but that was different. I don’t like to get into people’s personal space, I don’t believe in it, so I was like, whoa!” Rocha says she’s more comfortable doing prearranged interviews, but it was a great learning experience, and she intends to explore the field of journalism some more.

She’s also hooked on her red hair, which she dyed several months ago. “My mom is a redhead, and I always wondered how it felt,” she said. “At first it was very different, I felt like I was this walking stop sign. But I like it now — I don’t want to go back.” Rocha says modeling agents prefer a more extreme red. “In the modeling world it’s like they want it really, really red, but to live with really, really red is [like being a] character, so I try and balance in the middle, so we’re both pleased. So I can still walk into my house without looking like Bobo the Clown.”