David Beckham Designs Clothes, Won’t Model Them


It was inevitable that David Beckham would design clothes. However, we had hoped that when he did, he'd launch a line of, say, neon boxer briefs, the billboards for which alone would make up for the irritating reality that he's another celebrity professing to design clothes. Or he could have guest designed skinny pants for Victoria Beckham's dress line, which would have been kind of adorable and would also have produced fabulous billboards. Never did we think that when he did design a clothing line, he'd hire models who weren't him to appear in ads for it. But that's exactly what the crème de la crème of underwear models is doing. Beckham is designing a men's fall sportswear collection for Adidas Originals by Originals, however, he will not appear in ads for the line or make personal appearances to promote it. Basically, his name will just appear on the clothing tags, which is a total waste of this.

His wife is not letting her sexiness go to waste, however. Posh will be in town next week to unveil her latest Emporio Armani Underwear campaign at Macy's Herald Square on May 6. She's also expected to attend the Costume Institute Gala with Marc Jacobs. No word on whether David will join her, but seeing how selfish he's being with his figure these days, don't get your hopes up.