Drew Barrymore’s Oscar Hair Returneth; Zac Efron’s Hair Evolution

Her hair matches her ... teeth.

• After nailing the flapper look this week and scoring major beauty points, Drew Barrymore returned to overteased hair for the Los Angeles premiere of Grey Gardens. Might she have a Bumpit in there? [Jezebel]

• At long last, someone put together a gallery of Zac Efron's many hairstyles. Can you handle it? [E!]

Kate Moss is supposedly on powerful antibiotics after getting a pedicure at a Chinatown salon and contracting a fungus infection. This is bad, because she can't drink. [Sun UK]

• Amala products, which we have raved about before, used to be sold only online. But not anymore! Barneys New York has picked up the line, which will land in stores by the end of this month. [WWD]

• Tous will launch an "aquatic" fragrance called H20, inspired by the brand's jewelry collection, with notes of lemon, lavender, rose, mandarin, and more. So to be clear: It doesn't smell like water. [Now Smell This]