Enjoy Blair Waldorf’s School Uniforms While They Last

High-school Blair. We will never forget.

So Gossip Girl is moving on. The kids are all grown-up (in theory) and ready to enter the next chapter of their lives: college. That means their styles will also have to evolve, whether we are ready for it or not. Leighton Meester describes her character Blair Waldorf's style thus:

It’s kind of this updated Japanese schoolgirl look. Every other outfit is larger than life — even when it’s prim and proper — and heavily accessorized. I wear ties, bows, colored tights, heels and stuff that you could never get away with at school. But I think that the most important part of Blair’s look is her headband, which is like her crown.

Blair is going to a wondrous and magical place for the next phase of her education — downtown — free from the shackles that are school uniforms. But what will she wear instead?

It’s yet to be decided, but I’m definitely going to college — to N.Y.U. — and not wearing any more school uniforms. Thank god we’re not pretending we all get held back and just continue with high school like all those other high school shows. I guess I’ll wear magnificent clothes every day that don’t have anything to do with school.

All bets are off. What if Blair goes slutty like Serena, starts partying nonstop, and wears minidresses by labels like Preen and Alex Wang? Or what if she goes goth in Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh? Or what if she becomes a pothead, gives up on herself entirely, stops showering, buys plaid shirts from vintage shops in Brooklyn, and wears the same pair of Converse sneakers every day? And what if she stops wearing headbands? Well, that would be fine. She looks prettier without them.

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