Florida Town’s Baggy-Pants Ban Under Fire for Being Unconstitutional


Ridiculous, but true: Men who wear baggy pants that expose their skin or underwear are breaking the law in Riviera Beach, Florida. Last July, 70 percent of residents voted to make droopy drawers illegal, with the reasoning that they were trying to improve the image of the city. Since the ban took effect, twenty men have been charged in violation, which the public defender's office says is "focused exclusively on young black men." Now the ordinance is coming under fire by the public defender for being unconstitutional by violating freedom of expression. To which we say, finally. Of course it violates rights. And if you're wondering how less underwear exposure would improve a city's image, especially a beach town where bikinis and board shorts are standard, look at the location: Riviera Beach is next to Palm Beach. Saggy, underwear-exposing pants would have a hard time fitting in with the all-white golfer outfits at the country club, now wouldn't they? [NYT]