The Fug Girls Grade Starlet Style Makeovers


Even with all the jet-setting and free-booze swilling, it's easy to see how celebrities might get bored with their lives: spending ungodly amounts of time staring at themselves, flipping the same old hairdo over their shoulders as they pose for photographers, becoming convinced their bankability is connected to the richness of their spray tans. Who wouldn’t feel the urge to rebel with a drastic (yet conveniently impermanent) makeover? But R&B singer Cassie took it to another level this weekend, shearing off exactly half her mane, like she's a Barbie that ran afoul of somebody's troubled younger brother. She inspired us to evaluate how a few other famous faces are faring aesthetically in 2009, whether they’ve made a big change or done nothing at all. Hey, just because we understand the itch to change doesn't mean we can't judge it.