Heidi Klum Wants Susan Boyle for Project Runway


While we await the sixth season of Project Runway, to begin airing in August on Lifetime (sigh), Heidi Klum and her team are plowing ahead on making season seven work, because who knows if season six, which was shot in L.A., will. Klum said Susan Boyle "could be a good challenge." It's unclear what she means by that (sadly, E! thought it was more important to press her about Tim Gunn not having dated in eons). Sure, they'd get ratings if they made over Boyle, or an army of Boyle look-alikes, but we're having flashbacks to the episode where designers had to make over moms, and Jeffrey made poor Darlene cry. Actually maybe the Lifetime move is a good thing. Clearly we spend too much time watching this damn show. [E!]