Is Anne Hathaway Marc Jacobs’s New Muse?


Marc Jacobs is reportedly on the hunt for a new muse now that Victoria Beckham, who starred in old Marc Jacobs campaigns, is focusing on her own fashion line. "Marc and Anne have forged a fast but very intense friendship and they’re going to start doing public appearances together soon," a friend of Anne's tells the Daily Mail. The source adds that it's a great opportunity for Anne to revamp her image and for Marc to infuse his line with a "fresh but famous face." Also, "Anne would be happy to model for some of Marc's campaigns." That obviously means nothing, since who wouldn't be happy to star in one of Marc's campaigns? Anne never screamed fashion muse to us, especially for a quirky label like Marc's, but we never would have pegged Katie Holmes for the spring 2009 face of Miu Miu. Nor Madonna for Louis Vuitton. Nor Posh for Armani Underwear.

Is Anne Hathaway making her Marc on Posh's modelling job? [Daily Mail UK via British Vogue]