Jesus Luz Doesn’t Need Madonna’s Help Anymore


Even if Madonna wills it, you cannot just up and move to the United States from Brazil, such is this imperfect legal system of ours. (Actually, we suppose that shouldn't come as a surprise, now that Madonna's not even special enough to adopt Malawian children.) So that leaves her in a bit of a pickle with Jesus Luz, who's had a hard time — but probably not hard at all compared to what most immigrants go through — getting the necessary documents to remain at Madonna's side. You know, legally. "Page Six" reports that Marc Jacobs wrote a letter of support for Jesus's work permit, saying he is "highly talented and a necessity to the label," according to a source. Madonna's rep told the Post that Madge isn't managing Jesus's career (she's got babies to adopt and horses to fall off of); his agents got him the Dolce & Gabbana campaign, and Madonna hasn't asked anyone to help him. We also heard rumors about Madonna trying to get fashion companies to give Jesus work so he could get a green card. But that was weeks ago. At this point in his career — having been at Madge's steady beck and call for months — Jesus sells himself. He's hot and foreign, gets photographed dining out with Madonna, and is awkward enough to be interesting. Madonna's not helping him anymore — he's helping Madonna.