Kate Moss Loves to Cook Jewish Food, Might Write a Cookbook


Now that she's boastful of her new curves, the secret's out: Kate Moss eats. According to the Mirror, the supermodel is contemplating reaffirming her love of calories to the world by authoring a cookbook. She reportedly recently fell in love with cooking after testing out recipes in the cookbook by Stasha Palos, Topshop owner Sir Philip Green's stepdaughter. The theme of Stasha's book is traditional Jewish meals made simple. This possibly made-up story is a brilliant plug for Stasha's book just two nights before Passover begins: Kate has tested recipes for "everything from chicken noodle soup to salt beef and potato latkes, non-dairy pareve carrot and honey cakes," the Mirror reports. That means she's consumed quite a bit of sugar, fatty meat, oil and/or butter, and quite possibly schmaltz. Since everything Kate wears sparks a worldwide trend (shorts over tights, men's shoes, tights as pants), we see no reason her eating habits shouldn't as well. So schmaltz is in! If she goes to a seder, think how cool going to those will be. She can plug her new Topshop line as "great seder dresses." If that sounds silly, you should see some of the press releases we get.

Kate Moss is a souper model as she rustles up recipes for cookbook [Mirror UK]