Kim Gordon Is Not a Fan of ‘Fierce’


Rock goddess Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth has dallied with fashion for years. Her line X-Girl had a street edge without being too tough — i.e., you still looked like a girl wearing it. And she's been a fixture at Marc Jacobs's fashion show for seasons. This past February, she launched a new line, Mirror/Dash, at Urban Outfitters, and just this week she opened a pop-up shop in L.A., which she is also curating. Gordon took time to chat with us about the new line, fashion shows, and her dislike of the word "fierce."

Is Mirror/Dash aimed at a younger audience?
Mirror/Dash is aimed at the same customer that Urban Outfitters reaches, but I also want the clothes to have a more ageless quality.

Will it have the same sort of skate-alt-rock aesthetic as X-Girl?
No, X-Girl came out of the explosion of streetwear. But we were never about the skate thing. We weren’t into the oversized look of the skate scene that prevailed; we wanted more of a fit. We were more late seventies, early eighties. My partner Daisy von Furth was really into the prep thing so that was a good foil for me and the rock thing.

Any accessories?
Not yet, but we’d like to venture into that.

What made you decide to branch out into fashion in the first place?
You mean in the early nineties? Our friends at X-Large knew that Daisy and I shopped together at vintage stores and they wanted to start a girls' line and just asked us. They made it relatively easy for us. More recently, my friend Melinda Wansbrough and I had been talking about starting a capsule line. And we decided to ask Jeffrey Monteiro, her friend who worked at Mayle with her to collaborate with us as a designer.

You've become a fashion icon in your own right, how does that make you feel?
It’s usually something I think about other people.

Do you like going to fashion shows?
I like going to a couple. I can’t be in New York for the whole week — it’s too much of a commitment to the fashion world for me. We don’t live in the city, so I feel guilty being away from my family and just going to fashion shows.

Who are your favorite designers?
I like Marc Jacobs, he’s made some great dresses that are fun to wear onstage, Rodarte [is] amazing, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant ... Margiela. There are other designers that I really admire of course, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga ...

What's the first designer item you bought (or wore)?
Probably a Marc Jacobs dress, pink net.

Where do you like to shop?
No. 6 in NYC, Opening Ceremony.

What trends do you like?
Oversize T-shirts.

And what trends do you wish would just die?
Using the word “Fierce” to describe shoes.

Anything you're coveting right now?
Isabel Marant thigh-high boots.

What's something every woman should have in her closet?
A cool T-shirt.