Madonna Confirmed for Louis Vuitton, Round Two


Louis Vuitton's press office has confirmed rumors that Madonna will star in the fall 2009 campaign shot by Steven Meisel. It remains unknown if Jesus Luz will appear with her. But a careful statistical analysis of Madonna, Louis Vuitton, and the Louis Vuitton customer indicates that the probability of his doing so is high. Here's why:

1. Madonna just did a Louis Vuitton campaign solo. One rule of being Madonna is thou shalt never do the same thing twice.
2. Like Madonna, Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs thrives on shock value. He's already given us Madonna, legs akimbo. The man knows that posing her provocatively with Luz will titillate the media to unseen levels.
3. Louis Vuitton can't lose money. It's a rule of being Louis Vuitton. With the threat of the economy, and now swine flu, the executives need to maximize media exposure by keeping things fresh with a hot, new (preferably shirtless) male face.
4. Marc evidently appreciates hot Brazilian men, since he is engaged to one. Then again, who doesn't? Which could be another bullet point in itself on this list.
5. The ad will send the message that 50-year-old ladies can bag, pun intended, hot twentysomething men. And isn't that what the Louis Vuitton customer is ultimately striving for?

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