Marc Jacobs to Bring Courtney Love and Madonna to the Met Gala?

Madge and Court in 1997. Memories!

We've just heard from a very reliable source that Marc Jacobs is bringing Courtney Love and Madonna to the Met Ball, which means he will have the best table in the history of tables. Remember how amazing it was when Courtney crashed Madonna's interview with Kurt Loder at the 1995 Video Music Awards? It's like that all over again, except Marc will stand between them instead of Kurt! Diva fashion overload — someone fetch us a fan. (Plus, we hear Marc's fiancé, Lorenzo Martone, is sort of friendly with Madonna's man candy Jesus Luz, so that could make for a cute photo op, too.) The nineties are so back. We hope they all wear neon and bring highlighters to color on the tablecloths.