Protect Yourself From Swine Flu With These Stylish Face Masks!


Admit it — the swine flu is completely freaking you out. You lie in bed at night with visions of Outbreak playing in your head. You fear the day you'll have to wear a space suit out-of-doors to protect yourself from the disease of the pigs that is sweeping the globe. Okay, okay, we'll stop. Remember, health officials say the flu is no cause for alarm. Just concern. Well, we noticed a few folks in this city who were so concerned they strapped masks over their faces for their morning commute. The generic kind you might see a doctor wear. But you extra-cautious folk need not be unfashionable in your attempts to shield yourselves from pig flu. The Japanese do some amazing things with face masks. And labels like John Galliano and Junya Watanabe have shown coverings for the face on the runway. We compiled a selection of fashionable (and fun!) ways to guard against swine flu in the slideshow.