Matthew Williamson Fears Not the Mainstream


Tomorrow Matthew Williamson's H&M line launches. So go to H&M and get in line now. Kidding! Remember, the merchandise rolls out in a second shipment on May 14 — for women and men — so even if you can't get a peacock dress this time around, you'll have another shot in a few weeks. Williamson tells the Times that the line came about thanks to past H&M collaborator Madonna, who, excluding her attempted adoption of Mercy from Malawi, has the power to bring people together. She invited Matthew to one of her first-ever Kabbalah parties in London, where he met Margareta van den Bosch from H&M, who later signed him on to do a line. Now, a lot of fashion people and celebrities act like they're too cool for the mainstream while striving to be famous enough to be part of it (ahem, Lady Gaga), but not Williamson. “I never thought commercial was a dirty word,” he says. “I've never not wanted to dress a celebrity on the grounds that they were too mainstream." In that case, we hope to see his men's collection, which marks his first foray into menswear, on Jesus Luz. Judging from his newly leaked batch of model photos, that man needs some new clothes.

Matthew Williamson: designing for H&M, Cat Deeley and Kate Moss [Times UK]
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