Preview Matthew Williamson’s First Men’s Line for H&M, and His Second Batch of Ladies’ Stuff


The truly special thing about Matthew Williamson's H&M line, aside from its unabashed LOOK AT ME aesthetic, is that it rolls out in stores in two shipments. So if you missed the launch on April 23, you'll have another chance to get a piece when shipment No. 2 arrives on May 14 (or at least, those of you who can manage to free yourselves of pesky obligations such as jobs on a Thursday morning to wait in line and have a decent shot at getting what you want will). And "you" means ladies and gentleman, for the second shipment will include Williamson's first menswear range. The men's line was inspired by what Williamson would wear himself. As such, it was only natural for Williamson to model it himself in the ad campaign. And what a good recessionisto that makes him! He shops himself for models. The men's line shares the LOOK AT ME aesthetic of the women's line. It includes bright-pink pants, Speedo-style rainbow-patterned swim trunks, T-shirts that look like Magic Eyes, and so much more. And if the men don't go wild for it, the ladies may as well snatch it up, because, to be honest with you, we women at the Cut kind of love the leather jacket. And some of the other stuff wouldn't look amiss on a chick. Check it out in the slideshow, along with Williamson and Daria Werbowy's ads (bikinis!).

Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer 2009 Collection Ad Campaign [Nitro:licious]
Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer 2009 Men’s Collection [Nitro:licious]