Food Can Make You Prettier; Lil’ Kim Hangs Up on BET Reporter

The ad for Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. Well, that
was a no-brainer.

• In the new book The Beauty Diet, nutritionist Lisa Drayer's divulges foods that make you prettier: Fish moisturizes skin, yogurt strengthens nails, oysters keep hair shiny, and dark chocolate softens skin. Then again, you could probably make a case for why hundreds of foods are good for you. [Stylelist]

• Last month, Lil' Kim hung up on a BET reporter after he asked her if she had gotten plastic surgery to make herself look "less black." Good for her. [PopCulturePost]

• Express is launching a men's fragrance. It's, like, one step above Axe! [WWD]

Michael Kors will launch a new fragrance this fall called Very Hollywood, but he may as well have called it Very Original. Carmen Kass stars in the campaign. [WWD]

• Kérastase's new Oléo-Relax Slim line is meant to slim down thick hair. Why would anyone want to do that? [Beauty Counter/]