Oscar de la Renta Attempts to Smooth Over His Comments About MObama


After the backlash over his critique of Michelle Obama for wearing a cardigan to meet the Queen, along with other clothes by foreign labels when she was in Europe, Oscar de la Renta went on The View to explain himself. "My words were really ill-chosen words," he acknowledged. "I did say a lot of very wonderful things. They just happen to pick those words. Anyway, that’s a fact of life." Sure, blame the media. But Barbara Walters didn't let him off so easy. She forced him to explain why he said Michelle shouldn't wear a cardigan. "I said she should not wear a sweater," he said. "She’s entitled to wear whatever she wants. And I chose my words badly. And I regret it." He added that he thinks Michelle is a "great lady" and that he said what he did because he thinks Michelle has "a great opportunity ... because of her high visibility to do something wonderful for an industry which employs a lot of people in this country." This is true, and no one can deny that the American fashion industry is struggling now. But she always wears American labels. Wearing three outfits by foreigners isn't going to crush the industry.

Oscar De La Renta Clarifies His Critique Of Michelle Obama [Jezebel]
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