Patricia Field Prefers Discussing Socrates and Einstein to Discussing Fashion


Patricia Field wasn't in the mood to talk about fashion last night at the Life Ball preview party at the Red Bull space, even though she's one of the most famous stylists in the world and introducing the opening fashion show for the annual Life Ball next month. "It's funny, I always wonder why everyone is so interested in fashion," she told us. "I mean, I love it, and it's fun and whatever, but there are other interesting things to talk about. But everybody is so into fashion." Field instead preferred to chat about her other icons, regular favorites of the fashion industry: Socrates and Einstein. "Einstein is an icon of my life, along with Socrates. Socrates was a genius and his genius is that he delivers new ideas in the most simple and understandable way. At the same time, he will shake you up, but when you got stuff out of him, it seemed obvious. And Albert Einstein was the same way. His theories were the most simple and logical theories and he told you them in simple and logical ways. Like, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. It's obvious! Those two were twins. The distance between them is a straight line. Ha!" Okaaaaay. So will she style the Sex and the City sequel? "Yeah, probably," she replied, unenthusiastically. "I'm not tired of fashion. Fashion is my blood. But, it's, like, okay! Don't put me in that box. I'm more than fashion. I am the 360-degree woman." And now we have proof.