Peacock Hair Wins Competition; Oprah Wants Everyone to Know She Doesn’t Wear a Weave

The winner!

• Model Amaris Brown of Detroit and stylist Kevin Carter of Farmington Hills, Michigan, won the International Fantasy Hair Competition for their Proud Peacock entry, a creation featuring a plume of feathers mixed with hair styled to look like the actual bird. Good luck making friends on the subway with that. [Yahoo]

• Oprah Winfrey does not wear a weave. She revealed a picture of herself pre-press and pre-curled (and without makeup) on her show to prove it. It's all real, baby. [Flypaper/Bluefly]

• The fade hair crop is back for summer. These guys look kinda good with it, but they are probably two of the only people who can pull it off without looking like Will Smith circa The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. [Imagist]

• Also coming back: sideburns, Luke Perry–style. Zac Efron and Matthew Broderick are sporting them. [NYDN]

• Celebrity hairstylist Sally Hershberger confirms that eighties hair is back for fall. [Beauty Counter/]