Princess Letizia of Spain Latest Threat to Carla Bruni’s Fashion Spotlight

OMG they move in unison!

We've stopped caring within an inch of our lives what Carla Bruni wears every day, now that we have the equally if not more glamorous Michelle Obama to fawn over. The poor, poor First Lady of France can't seem to catch a break. Yesterday, a new lady joined MObama in casting a shadow on Carla Bruni's fashion spotlight: Princess Letizia of Spain, whom Carla stood next to wearing a dress and shoes on some steps outside. Like Carla, the princess is skinny and gorgeous, and the European press was in a tizzy over their "fashion face-off." The moment also warrants mass hysteria because, OMG, they wore similar dresses. "They made the steps leading to Madrid's Zarzuela Palace resemble a catwalk," trumpets the Telegraph. The princess wore a dress by Spanish designer Felipe Varela, while Carla wore her signature Dior. While Carla wore modest black Louboutin shoes, the princess teetered on giant purple platforms, which we find a bit young for her.

Since she wore bolder shoes and a snug dress, Grazia is declaring the Princess (she possesses, arguably, the better title, let's be honest) the winner. But we don't think the fawning over Letizia will last long. The Daily Mail is reporting that burglars stole hundreds of "highly intimate" pictures of Carla with her ex, philosopher Raphaël Enthoven (the father of her 8-year-old son). And the last time nude photos of Carla came out, her approval rating skyrocketed, so if these leak, it can't be a bad thing. And Princess Letizia could go back to existing with none of us caring about her ridiculous cotton-candy shoes. Carla for the win!

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