Remember Leanne Marshall? Her Bluefly Line Is Taking Longer Than Expected


Surely after that very messy lawsuit, Christian Siriano's whirlwind success, and Kenley Collins's projectile-cat case, you have room in the corner of your brain reserved for Project Runway to remember Leanne Marshall. The winner of the most recent season of Project Runway is still around — if not on five red carpets a week like her predecessor, Christian, or in courtrooms like co-contestant Kenley — and is working on her Bluefly line. Above, you see a preview of a couple of pieces. Apparently it's taking her longer than expected to complete, because she wants to make the range ecofriendly (how's your Earth Day hangover, by the way?). She tells Flypaper, "I've been working hard on getting the samples produced for the collection and making sure that everything really goes together well; and getting the fit right ... I wish it were out today. I wish I could just sew so fast and get it out there immediately, but you, know, good things come to those who wait." Not that we don't appreciate her taking her time, or her commitment to environmentalism, but this girl was on Project Runwaycan't she sew so fast? By the time her line launches, will it be too late for anyone to care? Maybe she should trot out on a few red carpets in her designs in the coming weeks.

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