Richie Rich Explores Vegan and Plus-Size Fashion


At the Skating With the Stars gala last night, onetime Ice Capades chorus boy Richie Rich told us that the vegan clothing line he’s working on with Pamela Anderson, called Muse, came about after a trip to the craft store. "A few years ago in Vegas, she had a T-shirt line, so I styled her show. She sent me to Michael’s, a craft store, in a limousine, and she was like, ‘Doll up my line!’ And I did," Rich said. "Glitter, pom-poms, you name it.” The Muse line will consist mostly of T-shirts and bathing suits and will launch this summer, though Rich isn't sure which stores will sell it yet. Since Pam is a PETA spokesperson, the line contains no fur or leather, "which is a challenge for me,” Rich explained.

Meanwhile, Rich is figuring out which retailers will sell his namesake fall/winter line that he showed in February at New York Fashion Week. “It should be cool. I’m coming out with a plus size, which I’ve never done before; that I’m really excited about,” Rich said. "Because a lot of the girls that approached me — and guys that approached me — are, um, you know, they’re not little twigs."