Sports Illustrated Model Melissa Haro on Why Modeling Is SO HARD

Meet Melissa!

Being a model and having to travel on an airplane is no easy task. At the Condé Nast Traveler Hot List party last night, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Melissa Haro explained the agony and hardship a genetically blessed creature like her faces. "Coach! Coach class! Always a horror story. You have these little cramped seats, and you have some guy snoring on your shoulder, and it always ends up being horrid," she said. "It’s usually one of the biggest problems I have, that I have these long legs that go on for days and they end up in my — my knees are in my face and digging into the seat in front of me and if they recline their seat it’s over with.” Sometimes she has to get up and walk around to get the kinks out. Does she do any weird stretches? "Nothing that you wouldn’t see like a cheerleader doing," she said, making us want to be her new bestie. Most clients fly her coach, you see, but every now and then big spenders like Sports Illustrated put her in business. “I don't understand paying that huge amount of money for a twelve-hour flight — I mean, that costs more than my apartment for 30 days," she said. So at least when she returns from Maui, or Bali, or wherever she's flying to get paid to frolic on the beach in a bathing suit, she can come home to at least a really nice studio apartment.