Staten Island Pastor Charged With Stealing Money for Botox; Daul Kim Goes Blonde

Daul's blonde hair.

• A pastor in Staten Island is charged with stealing over $80,000 in church money to pay for new clothes, plastic surgery, and Botox injections. [On Deadline/USAT]

• A 19-year-old British woman is undergoing chemotherapy to treat skin rashes that developed after she went tanning twice a day for four years. "My skin fell off," she said. We're disturbed. [Daily Mail]

• Crushed aspirin mixed with glycerin can prevent bumps on your legs caused from shaving. Honestly, who bothers with this stuff? [BellaSugar]

• Model Daul Kim bleached her brown hair. Colorist Frederic Mennestrier completed the look in Paris. [Beauty Counter/]

• Another advertisement debuted for the Schick Quattro that comes with a bonus pube trimmer. It's a lot like the first, but the bushes are bigger. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]