Susan Boyle Appears to Have a New, Brightly Patterned Dress and Leather Jacket


Susan Boyle said she didn't want a makeover. So why has she done a style 180? Yesterday she stepped out in what Grazia identifies as a dress by Wallis and a leather jacket by Primark, both affordable British brands.The dress doesn't appear on the Wallis site, so it's unclear if it's new and Boyle just bought it or she had it all along. Boyle doesn't have a computer so she's probably not shopping online. But there appear to be Primark stores near Blackburn, West Lothian, where Boyle resides. So maybe she went shopping? Maybe Primark and Wallis sent her clothes? Maybe this is what she's always worn to Friday night karaoke? Who knows? Grazia, which has dubbed her "Su-Bo," writes:

We're not happy. I mean, come on, Susan. If you were going for a fashion transformation, surely you could have gone for something better than this?!

Is it really time to start critiquing what she wears every time she steps outside? We hope at no point in the near future does she face Michelle Obama–level scrutiny from the fashion community. Let's let her adjust slowly.

Just look at Su-Bo NOW! [Grazia]