SWING Concept Shop Brings Designers to Harlem


It's a rarity to find Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester north of Madison Avenue and 61st Street, but Helena Greene's SWING Concept Shop is giving Harlem a dose of designer gear. But the razor-thin tanks from Owens and swing coats from Demeulemeester (now on sale, by the way) aren't the only items in stock that make our hearts sing. SWING is a hodgepodge of everything from children's clothes and jewelry to home furnishings and apothecary items from local designers and abroad. The cozy vibe makes you feel like you're in your cool globetrotter friend's apartment — albeit a fabulous apartment with a nine-foot white leather Fendi mirror resting against the wall (we asked if it was on sale, but immediately got shut down). The store is having a VIP opening and launch on May 14 (it already had a soft opening), but we picked out a few of our favorite pieces.

1960 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd., at 118th St.; 212-222-5802.