The Truth Behind Lindsay Lohan’s eHarmony Video


Lindsay Lohan didn't just make a fake eHarmony video because she was bored and wanted to practice acting. She made it to sell us her 6126 leggings and her forthcoming Sevin Nyne spray-on self-tanner. Watch the video carefully, and you'll notice that Lohan sprays the self-tanner into the air approximately 58 seconds in. She also says her eHarmony ID is 612679 — a combination of the names for her leggings line and spray-tan line. WWD makes it sound like Lohan's business partner Kristi Kaylor is thrilled to have duped us all. “There’s been a lot of really over-the-top rumors in the last week,” Kaylor said. “Instead of responding to the media, we were, like, ‘We have to laugh at it.’” Knowing the video is an ad doesn't take away from how much we like it. But next time, Lohan might want to actually wear her leggings instead of going pantless.

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