They Really Could Not Make Audrina Patridge’s New Reality Show Any More Boring


Oh sigh. Audrina Patridge is leaving The Hills after this season for her own reality show, gifted to her by Survivor producer Mark Burnett and God, who is evidently Not on Our Side. We figured her on-off boyfriend Justin Bobby would be the show's great savior, the one reason we could justify tuning in more than once to this abomination of a television series. But his cherubic bearded face might not even appear on the show for more than one episode, if at all. reports that the spinoff could include an end to Justin Bobby:

“There’s going to be new love, romances,” [Audrina] promises. While she can’t say whether or not he will appear on her show, there will be a resolution to their stormy union before the end of The Hills.

“It could resolve things in a good way or in a bad way. You’ll have to see,” she says. “But put it this way, I don’t really hold back. I just let it all out this season. I fight back.”

So get ready for some extra-vicious stares this season on The Hills, folks! Instead of Justin Bobby, the show will focus on Audrina's Hollywood lifestyle, paparazzi run-ins, and other "career pursuits," like bit parts in straight-to-DVD movies and getting Photoshopped to death in her Divine Rights of Denim campaign. It will also depict how she stays "grounded" with her family. So it sounds like a riveting look at Audrina sitting, standing, staring, walking, staring, sitting, staring, and occasionally getting her picture taken.

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