Tyra Banks’s Stalker Convicted


Tyra Banks's stalker, Brady Green, a Brooklyn supermarket worker, was convicted of stalking and harassment in criminal court today. Criminal Court judge James Burke called Green's behavior "hounding." Rather than sentencing jail time, Burke told Green's lawyer to find his client a new city to live in. "Put Mr. Green in a location where he can thrive," Burke said. "And that location is not likely to be the city of New York." Green could have faced 90 days in jail. His defense attorney tried to paint him as a super-fan who was of no threat to Tyra. However, according to court documents, Green threatened to slit the throat of one of Tyra's employees over the phone. When he was arrested at a McDonald's near Tyra's studio, he was carrying three magazines with Tyra on the covers. But we wonder, where in the world will he not be able to "thrive"? Hasn't the judge heard that Tyra is taking over the world?

Tyra Banks stalker Brady Green found guilty, but won't do jail time [NYDN]
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