Veronica Webb May Launch a Jewelry Line


Veronica Webb told us she's "in talks" to launch her own accessories line. "I would make accessories that would be the ultimate building blocks of women's wardrobes. You know, things that they could interchange from season to season, and no matter what, they'd have the perfect little thing at their fingertip every time you need to get dressed in twenty minutes and leave the house — the belt that matters, the hoops that matter. All the stuff you wish you had right there when you needed it," Webb told us last week at one of Topshop's many opening parties. A profitable accessories line would probably be a big help to working mom Webb, who's been walking her kids to school, saving leftovers, and even sharing the cost of training at the gym with other moms to save money.

As we chatted, Kate Moss sat nearby, sequestered in a banquette with Sir Philip Green, Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony. "I've known Kate from the moment she came into the business," said Webb, who couldn't help throwing in a little friendly jab. "I remember turning around — she was at a Helmut Lang show — and the person standing behind me was slightly taller than my 6-year-old. And that was Kate. I was like, 'Wow, you are really, really cute.' Literally, my 6-year-old is almost as tall as she is."