Video: Ed Westwick Demonstrates How Very Little He Knows About Fashion


Grazia previously made Chace Crawford look like something of a fool on video when he said he thought beige was a dark color. Ed Westwick didn't fare much better when they gave him a similar fashion quiz. Grazia asks who Mario Testino is. Ed replies, "A designer?" Grazia explains he's a photographer, noting that he once shot Chace (who is therefore the more special one). Grazia asks Ed if he knows what color the soles of shoes by Christian Louboutin are. "I had a pair but I left them in Jamaica." What? "Not girl's ones ... I don't know I left the resort and I left them there." What illicit rendezvous is he alluding to? We can deal with straight guys not knowing all of that, but here's where we wonder if Ed is living under a rock: He doesn't know who Jason Wu is. Wasn't it kind of hard to avoid that on Inauguration Day? Or are we bloggers so in touch that we're out of touch? Should we not expect the straight Chuck Basses of the world to know this? Are there any straight guys out there who can tell us?

Maybe what Ed really needed was a beauty quiz. "The purpose of shampoo is to (a) ..."

WATCH Ed Westwick takes Grazia’s Fashion Quiz! [Grazia]
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